Our Services

Residential Home Inspection

A residential or pre-purchase Home inspection is a  non-invasive visual examination of the all visible and readily  accessible components of a home. The Home inspector will inspect  components including, but not limited to, Plumbing, Heating Ventilation  and Air Conditioning (HVAC), Electrical, Structure, and, Interior and  Exterior.                 

Pre-Listing Inspection

 A pre-sale Home Inspection is the same as a residential home inspection  except the home inspector is performing the inspection for the seller  not the buyer. In today’s real estate market homes often sell without  buyers getting the chance to add a condition for a home inspection.                 

Condo Inspection

 A condo inspection is similar to a residential home inspection. The main  difference is that the home inspector will focus on the interior  components of the condo unit.  The home inspector will identify all  major  components and assesses their condition in a detailed home  inspection report.                 

Cottage Inspection

 Protect your investment in recreation properties by having a Building  Code Qualified inspector assess your property. We offer the experience,  training and latest equipment to ensure your property does not have any  hidden surprises. We can even do "boat/ snowmobile access" inspections.  

Maintenace Inspection

Buildings deteriorate in some areas over time, just like a car you must have them  inspected periodically. We specialize in protecting your largest investment with preventative ongoing maintenance inspections.

Renovations Inspection

 Sometimes the contractors you hire to do your renovation are not all  they're cracked up to be. If you have or think you have issues as a  result of poorly done renovations let us know.  Our home inspectors will  inspect the work and provide a detailed report that will identify  deficiencies so you can make sure problems are fixed and the work is  done right. If you are thinking about having  a renovation done give us a  call.