Full Colour Digital Reports

Comprehensive Reports

 Scanspec Inc. Home and Building Inspections and home inspection reports meet or exceed the OAHI/CAHPI Standards of Practice and unlike other firms, we strictly follow the OAHI Code of Conduct.​ 

Leading Industry Software

 Reports are partially prepared on site using only the latest technology of tablets, smartphones and cameras and completed at the inspector's office. 

Access Anytime & Anywhere

 Completed reports are sent via email to clients as a secure link within  24-48 hrs (sometimes even the same day).  Click on the link to open your  electronic report in PDF format from anywhere around the world.​ 

Detailed Reports

 Scanspec Inc. uses specialized reporting software to produce full colour detailed reports, that are easy to read and typically 40-80 pages in length.  This  is not a “check-off the box” hand written report providing only basic  information that is standard with some inspection firms in the industry.

Reference Guide Included

Our easy to read reports include a summary page, photos  and illustrations, supplementary information, live links to a 480 page  home reference e-book, a home renovation/repair cost guide, and home  maintenance tips with seasonal reminders.​ 

Peace of Mind

With our digital copy of your report, you get peace of mind knowing it wont get lost or damaged over time. Just another way Scanspec Inc. protects you and your home for years to come.